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Daily Devotional

The Guarding of the Mind
Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind.
I PETER 1:13
The same eye cannot both look up to heaven and down to the earth at the same time.
John Brown
Here the apostle sets before us what should be the resolve of every Christian through graceto guard the mind. There is in this evil day a constant, concerted attack upon the minds of Gods people. We are daily exposed to a brainwashing process. Radio, television, videos, the press, and various publications are all instruments hijacked by our subtle enemy to reach our minds. The media constantly presents sin as acceptable in modern society. Drinking, adultery, and unfaithfulness are presented as socially acceptable and the common norm. The unsavoury filth of the world should never be allowed to seep into or sully the mind of the Christian. He must gird up the loins of the mind, as the pilgrim on a journey girded up his robes with a girdle so that he might walk unhindered. So let us keep our garments unspotted from the world and gird our minds lest they get caught up and entangled in the philosophy and thinking of the worldling.

Paul speaks of loins girt about with truth (Eph. 6:14). Here is the mind girt and encircled with the word of truth and hedged about with the power of truth. Feed your mind and soul on the manna of Christ in His Word. Keep your minds eye on Christ, and it will not be able to fix itself on the world. Remember, loose thinking must inevitably lead to loose living.
Daily devotions are from the book "Eagle's Wings" published by the Free Presbyterian Church.
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